Oracle readings

May 5th 2020

Bonus: Oracle! Choose a card.

East: The future is bright. It gets better. Breathe it in. A new start is on its way. New ideas, clarification, and inspiration are coming. The future is about rising, the future is about seeing the sun embrace your new path. Visualize the things that you want moving towards the future. A stronger sense of who you are and what you want is a emerging from within. If you’re looking to move travel or start a family the time is coming.

Sacred site: the answer is coming. Trust your intuition. A new adventure beckons. This card is asking you to journal and through writing explore your inner thoughts. Take time to rest from busy times. Answer phone calls and emails later to gain clarity and healing and inspiration. It’s time to ove forward. Connect with the spirits around you.

Birds: time has come to take flight. The opportunities will pr3ent themselves. They gateway is opening. Time to leave what you once knew behind for a new beginning. Owl speaks to your intuition and psychic abilities. Dove symbolizes you having deeper love for yourself and finding deeper peace and clarity. The falcon at the bottom is your life calling you. The falcon has agility and speed. What has been set in motion will sweep you off your feet. Be ready.

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