Corona Virus and Chill? Or Meditate? Reflect?

How many of us have been tired? How many of us have needed a break? A vacation? Get how many of us could have afforded to take a break? How many working families, single parents , and just people struggling in general?

It’s probably not the best time for a break. Everyone is in fear of contracting Corona Virus.

In preparation I pulled for cards to talk about what we are dealing with spiritually right now and what can come of it if we work through these negative aspects.

7 of earth. Speculation, set backs, fear of loss. Are we expecting to put in danger? Stay in the moment and stay conscious to the present. Give yourself rest. What you do give to others give without expectation.

5 of air. Confusion. Trepidation. Are you feeling ill prepared? How are you directing your fear? Has it seeped into your home? In how you talk to people? How much have you identified with it?

Four of earth. By working through our fear and our trepidation, through the practice of mantras. Such as “ I am okay. Today it is okay for me to rest. It is okay for me to social to social distance. It is okay for me to turn off the news, facebook and any other social media that at this moment may be causing me more fear.”

Become still in your body. How much of what you believe will save you is based on false security? Accept what you can and let go what you can.

Ten of Earth. Abundance. What do we deserve? How can we take this moment of fear and radiate light? Your inner being can be so powerful. Give to your inner self. Is this a time to invest in yourself? What are you reading? What are you eating? Smoking? Yes smoking. What are you listening to on the radio, podcasts, etc? How are you offering generosity to yourself.

The whole world seems to be on lock down and being in Mexico the effects has reach here. At least half the businesses have closed for the next month and my vacation at one point felt spoiled. But this is also a moment for me to tap into to the collective conscious and make magic. It’s a time for me to tap into my own fears. I have fears around money and around my next move spiritually and how my spirituality ties into my finances. But now is a time for me to dig really really deep to be the person and live the life I have been dreaming of.

Will you walk with me? Can we walk together? What magic are you ready to produce?

If you are interesting tomorrow morning march 27th on Instagram for a morning meditation at 6am in central standard time, so 2 hrs behind New York. So right now it is 1:23 here in Mexico and 3:23 in New York and 1 hour ahead of Los Angeles, 12:23.

Published by thekindredsister

Moving with spirit. Moving with the love force that flows inside of me. After 4 years of nursing I’m taking a break to explore the life I want to live. Come along with me on my journey.

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