Aloha. Im your Kindred Sister.

Welcome kindred spirit to The Kindred sister. Im your kindred sister, spirit sister and this a kindred space for us to share. I want to share with you tools that have helped me begin my spiritual journey. I want to share with you tools that have allowed me to begin healing myself and open my light, and move deeper in to self love.

So come along as well use Oracle cards, tarot, intuitive readings, and meditations to move deep into the energy that affecting us all. Walk with me as we have deep discussions about the things we hidden or been told to keep quiet about.

Some of these posts will speak to you and others will not. I am not in expert in any of the things that I will discuss despite my background in science and nursing. I open to suggestions and recommendations. If there is something I dont know I will try to point you to those who can help.

This space also functions for those seeking remote virtual/ administrative assisting and creative collaborations.

With love kindred brother, kindred sister, kindred spirit, make the light and dark be your allies to living fully in your body and through your life.

Published by thekindredsister

Moving with spirit. Moving with the love force that flows inside of me. After 4 years of nursing I’m taking a break to explore the life I want to live. Come along with me on my journey.

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